Hallway Bench

The hallway, often the main entry and exit point of any home, is a highly functional space. It is an area of heavy traffic perhaps not suitable for bulky items which can cause an obstruction.

As a transitory place hallway decor can be neglected but is also a preview of your house, and your first welcome home.

It can be a difficult spot to select furniture for if space is very limited, so we’ve listed some of the easiest ways to combine practical purpose and elegant design.

Hallway Mirror

As the portal between your house and the rest of the world, the hallway is yourHallway Design last opportunity to check your reflection before stepping out, so having a mirror available can be so useful.

A wall-hanging mirror will take up less floor space than a free-standing mirror if there isn’t much room. Placing a mirror in your hallway will also reflect the light whilst helping the place look much bigger.

With an astonishing array of styles and shapes available, a beautifully framed mirror can act as the focal point of your decor, or complement it.

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Benches for Your Hallway

A hallway bench is another hardworking yet beautiful piece of furniture that is ideal for a space like this. An exquisitely handcrafted finish, durable enough to act as somewhere to sit and take shoes on or off, is perfect for resilient feature piece.

Benches with built-on coat hooks, or hinged lids under which to store the detritus of life, can help add to the usefulness, without losing out on elegance.

Hallway Shoe Storage

The first thing most of us do when we get through the door is kick our shoes off and sink into the comfort of home. It might feel wonderful to step out of them, but a pile of shoes in the hallway can get in the way, and might not be the aesthetic finish you had in mind.

Shoe cupboards are a versatile solution. There are lots of different dimensions available to fit into your home, and some have additional storage on top, or can be built into a seat for all round convenience.

Telephone Tables

Also known as console tables, they can be crafted to suit your décor right down to the details of drawer handles or door knobs to provide the perfect accent.

Not just a resting place for the telephone, they provide a place to put your keys, a potted plant to brighten the hallway, and with lots of storage potential underneath in the form of shelves, cupboards or drawers.

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