Expecting your baby is so exciting, but though it might feel like the birth is a long way off, it comes around with astonishing speed. Equally astonishing for first timers is the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be acquired.

Just think, all of the things that you use on a daily basis have been sourced over time. All of the things your baby will need must be sourced in just a few short months!

To help you plan a safe and cosy nursery, we’ve compiled a list of essential nursery furniture.

Choosing the right cotbed

Providing your baby with somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep is often on the top of the nursery furniture list. With safety concerns and the desire to provide a beautiful haven ranking highly, there is a lot to think about.

A cotbed tends to be bigger than a cot, with added versatility helping it become an increasingly popular choice. Those with a facility to adjust mattress height mean less strain on the back, and can be lowered as your baby learns to stand (and climb!). Drop sides are also useful for ease of access, before being secured back into place.

Though cotbeds tend to be more expensive, the removable sides and footer allow for it to be converted into a toddler bed as your baby grows. Further enhance the cost-saving potential of a cotbed by selecting pieces with a highly resilient finish and well-crafted build quality.

In smaller nurseries, or even just for convenience, a cotbed with built-in storage is also well worth considering. Look out for cotbeds with under-bed storage drawers, or one large drawer.

Remember, British cots are covered by European safety standards, so always look for the corresponding safety code BS EN 716: 2005.

A changing area

A changing mat on the floor does the job, but in the early hours of the morning having a proper changing area will become a must-have.

The top of a chest of drawers can be adapted for use as a baby changing area. A cot-top baby changer fits across the top rails of the cot or cotbed. Both options reduce the strain of kneeling on the floor and, crucially, won’t take up floor space that isn’t already being used.  

Having nearby storage areas for all the essentials will be a big help, too. Consider the top drawer of the drawer unit, or a cotbed-top changer with built in cubby holes for keeping everything organised and to hand. 

Nursery storage space

With all of the clothes, toys, blankets, and consumables that are needed, effective storage space is about to be in demand.

Some items of nursery furniture can be put on double duty, such as chests of drawers with built in changing tops, or a wardrobe with storage drawers. It helps to keep the square footage of furniture down, and helps you keep everything organised with beautiful storage furniture.

As your beautiful baby grows, they will become more mobile, and more inquisitive! We always recommend that taller pieces of furniture be attached securely to the wall to prevent toppling.

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